Accidents: Recurrent Deaths On Highways


In spite of numerous road safety campaigns, accidents keep happening along major roads in the country.

There is no week or weekend without media reports of a road safety campaign organised by the National Gendarmerie with logistical support from the Ministry of Transport. Such campaigns are intended to control and sanction road users who violate the Highway Code. As such, during most weekends special deployments of gendarmes are seen along the Yaounde-Douala, Yaounde-Bafoussam, Yaounde-Ayos, Yaounde-Mbalmayo and Sangmelima-Ebolowa highways as well as other major roads in the country ensuring that commuters put on safety belts, respect the prescribed speed limits as well as other road signs. But that which seems to yield fruits is the amount of money paid by those who ignore Highway Codes. Thus, the occurrence of ghastly road accidents remains an issue in the society.

The most recent is that which occurred on the outskirt of Yaounde along the road leading to the East Region, on the night of 25-26, April, 2017, precisely at the Nkol-Meyang village. The scene of the accident is horrific as onlookers can visibly see five heavy-duty trucks badly damaged on the road. The assistant to the Sub-Divisional officer of Nkolafamba, sub-division in the Centre Region, Lydie Tamba told Cameroon Tribune that the poor stationing of a truck at a bend, lead to the collision of heavy-duty trucks on that spot leading to numerous material causalities, some people wounded but no human life was lost. Two weeks ago along the Yaounde-Douala Highway, near Edea, precisely at Ebombe located between Pouma and Edea in Sanaga-Maritime Division of the Littoral Region, another accident occurred in which four people died after two cars (a commercial bus and a private car, Mazda brand), collided. It was a horrible site for inhabitants living in that locality as the private car was completely shattered, leaving body parts scattered along the road. It is said that the driver of the Madza car narrowly escaped death. But other passengers in the vehicle were killed. Reports indicate that the collision between the two vehicles was so violent, probably due to excess speed.

A horrific accident scene was also reported recently on the Bafoussam Highway along the Banka-Baneko village which led to the death of six people. Reports indicate that the accident occurred as a Toyota Rav4 attempted overtaking at a third place. In the course, the driver found himself nose-to-nose with a vehicle that was also racing at a rapid pace. Wanting to drive to the side, the driver of the Rav4 entered under a Mercedes brand truck.


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