Cameroon – Bamenda: Mother throws her new born baby in the toilet


The population of mile 5 Nkwen in Bamenda was shocked 2 days ago when this now born baby was found in a pit latrine.

Sources say the aunt of the girl whom they suspected threw the child heard a child crying as she went to the toilet to urinate, but could not imagine the cry was coming from her own toilet. According to the aunt 5mins later when she came back to bathe she still heard the cry. That was when she called for help. The population gathered and the men docked the toilet and removed the child still alive.

Reports say the suspected mother of the child denied ever being pregnant talk-less of giving birth to a child.

“This girl is a mother of a 3year old child who got pregnant again and was lying to people that she was not pregnant; that her stomach was big because of too much Guinness she had been consuming of late. She removed the baby and threw this morning and left for school to as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately for her the child did not die as she intended” recounts a neighbour.

From cameroon-concord, Ndi Modeste

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