Fake council officer captured at the Yaounde Post Centrale


A middle aged individual, who before his arrest claimed to be a council officer at the Yaounde city council, was yesterday discovered and apprehended by the forces of law and order.

According to victims, the fake council officer’s occupation was to loiter around the Yaounde Grand stand and harass men and women who walked pass through the short cut from avenue Kennedy. According to reports, this man who is always dressed in faded suits and carrying a handbag which permanently seems to be filled with papers claims that the route was prohibited for pedestrians and demands for ID cards after which his victims will have to pay 500 FRS before collecting their identification papers.

“This afternoon, when I was passing by, this man stopped me and told me that the short cut I used was prohibited by presidential decree and as a result he wants to see my ID card. I believed him and pleaded for him to forgive me since I did not know. He insisted that I give him my ID which I did” said the victim. “Unfortunately for him, my brother who happens to be a police officer who earlier stopped to ease himself while I continued through the short course met us negotiating. When I explained the situation to my brother, he immediately knew that the fellow was a fraudster. The fake worker after discovering that my brother was a police officer gave back my ID and wanted to run away but was stopped by my brother and taken to the police station” he adds.

Inhabitants of Yaounde have expressed worries over the many crimes of this nature happening every day in the City and are wondering why the forces of law and order of the regime sometimes play deaf.

From cameroon-concord

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