» The Anglophone lawyers are bluffers who shall run back to the court when hungry »: Laurent Esso-October 2016


Life is a paradox and most often people often allow their mouths to run like the Zambezi in June only to bite their tongues and nails in regret minutes after all the hallo balo.

Today the Minister of Justice who in few months ago organized press Confrences where he ranted like somebody on fire and made sarcastic statements that are hunting him like  » The Anglophone lawyers are bluffers who shall run back to the court when hungry » He equally asked what is even the Common law system that Anglophones are making so much noise about.

According to him there was nothing like the Anglophone problem.

If there was no Anglophone problem as he professed, then why has he created the the inconsequential departments of common law in the Universities of Ngoundere, Maroua,Douala,Soa and Douala?
How does this help in resolving the Anglophone crisis? The lawyers have said that it may take them ten yeays Or more before they ever feel hungry.

Matters have been compounded by the fact that the other members of the Bar who are Francophones seemingly don’t see anything wrong in the manner at which injustice is despensed in the erstwhile Southern Cameroons.
Francophones have been lied to and thought that the falsehood was going to stand forever. This falsehood like every other deception expires like charm and the afflicted liberated.

Anglophobia was and it’s the tool that Francophones in Cameroon cooked and have been using to destroy every facet of our cultural identity and completely destroy us as a people.

Laurent ESO is a one of such persons whose disdained for English is open and very deep. This can be seen even in the press release that he prepared as a step aimed at appeasing the aggrieved lawyers. The press release was and is entirely in French. What a paradox and what a show of buffoonary and lack of foresight and ingenuity?

How can he today be pleading in low tone the resumption of court sessions when the very people were humiliated and called names by the same minister of Justice and keeper of the seals?

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