Stormy Weather Kills 3 Nigerian Students In Cameroon


Three Nigerian students on a field trip at the Bouba Ndijidda National Park in Rey Bouba Division in the North Region have died and several others injured, following a stormy weather that hit the area recently.

The students undertaking the field trip were 50 in number accompanied by six trainers from Taraba State University Nigeria.

While on a stop-over at the Bouba Ddijidda National Park, a storm broke out.
According to eyewitness accounts, upon arrival at the park, it began raining cats and dogs, accompanied by violent winds. The intensity of the winds pulled down a huge tree that knocked students. Two died on the spot and one later in hospital.

Meanwhile, 16 others were seriously injured. The injured are currently receiving medical attention at the Garoua Regional Hospital.
The Governor of the North Region, Jean Abate Edi’i, accompanied by top security brass and other officials of the region paid a visit to the victims at the Garoua Regional Hospital where they are currently receiving treatment covered by the State.

Speaking to the victims, Governor Jean Abate said he brought them words of comfort from the Head of State, Paul Biya, and also extended his condolences. Hear him: “I came here in the name of the President of the Republic H.E Paul Biya, to comfort you and to wish condolence to the bereaved families. The State will cover all your expenses.”
According to Aboubaker Sadjo, the Director of the Garoua Regional Hospital, he received 16 patients, 14 are responding to treatment while two are in critical condition due to major fractures sustained. He also extended condolences to families of victims.

By Joshua Boanong

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