Cameroon – New System Of Payment Of Certificate Examination Charges


The ministry of Secondary Education is already on the plough for the organization of the 2019 certificate examinations. A convention enabling parents to pay examination dues through mobile money was signed between the ministry and four mobile money operators

Source: Cameroon-report, Cynthia Efopa

No later than the 2018 session of Certificates Examination in Cameroon is still unfolding has the Ministry of Secondary Education go back to a very important work; that to anticipate for a better organization and financial accountability of the 2018 certificate exams. Over time, cases have been told of many students or pupils who have not been able to sit-in for certificate examinations because their levies were misappropriated by head teachers, principals or some senior authorities of schools or some acquaintances who often loiter around school environment claiming to be the real source where students could pay in their examination dues. Others have been the students themselves who collect money from parents on grounds to pay for exams but at the end of the day this money ends up in bars other than the purpose for which it was disbursed, thereby setting the children and the parents at loggerhead. Some even go as far as charging the parents more money than it is needed. It is to facilitate the payment of this examination charges that the Minister of Secondary Education Nalova Lyonga on Friday 1st of June signed a convention with four mobile operators; CAMPOST, Orange Cameroon, MTN Cameroon and Express Union. According to the Head of Division of Projects and Planning at the Ministry of Secondary Education, Alain Brice Tiki, the different mobile network will henceforth have the responsibility to put in place a technical procedure that will ease the payment of examination dues. It consist of a system that will enable schools to take stock of examination fees paid in each institution. The heads of the different institution will be habilitated to authenticate the different transactions.

To the Minister of Secondary Education it is a measure aimed at sparing students from the embezzlement of their examination fee either by themselves or some scammers who often dawdle around school campuses during the payment of such fee to reap students and parents of money.  With the fluid, limpid and clear digital strategy there will exist increase visibility in the actions and procedures tied to examination charges.

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