Diaspora: New York CPDM Says President Biya Remains Best Choice For Cameroon


Sub Section President, Chantal Madio, in an interview with a local Cameroonian daily tabloid after the celebrations of 20th May (National Day) urged Cameroonians to support President Paul Biya in his efforts to restore peace in the country as well as his development ambitions.

Source: Cameroon-report, Shawn-Nathan Epang

As calls for President Paul Biya to seek re-election multiplies across the country, the diaspora has added its voice for the President of the Republic to stand as candidate for the upcoming Presidential elections. The latest of such is from New York, United States of America where the city’s Sub-Section President of the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), Chantal Madio has said President Paul Biya remains the best choice for Cameroon.

“We in the diaspora love our country and its President so much and would love to help the President restore Cameroon to its initial peaceful state. We want peace to return to our country,” Madio told the Guardian Post (daily Cameroonian newspaper) in an interview.

While pledging 100 per cent support for President Paul Biya in the October 2018 Presidential election, the CPDM official said should Cameroonians hand the leadership of the country to another person, there would be chaos. To her, Paul Biya is wise, smart and intelligent and it’s only him who can guarantee the stability and development of Cameroon.

On the current Anglophone crisis, she condemned violence perpetrated on fellow brothers and sisters stating that Cameroonians should sue for peace and the unity of the fatherland.  Cameroonians living in New York, she added, are peaceful and want peace to return to their fatherland. President Biya to her, has stayed in power because he is a savoir reason why New York is promising 100 per cent for President Biya’s candidacy. “We stand for peace and support our President. Our President Biya is powerful, smart and intelligent.” She stressed.

The sub- section is prepared and have been sensitised on the electoral process since after the visit of the President to New York in September last year. Madio is however calling on all Cameroonian New Yorkers to register massively on the electoral list to give President Biya a resounding victory in the elections.

The call for President Paul Biya to stand re-election from New York is pregnant with meaning. This is because it is coming on the heels of the outing of the US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin who advised President Biya to start thinking of his legacy and the way he will want to be remembered. Apart from nationwide calls for President Biya to continue piloting the destiny of Cameroon, the USA-based Cameroonians have also joined the bandwagon expressing their wish for Paul Biya to stand re-election.

It should also be noted that a pocket of frontline separatists who are fuelling the crisis in the two English-speaking Regions are based in the United States. It therefore goes without saying that those fanning the crisis are simply frustrated Cameroonians who are seeking asylum in the US and using the crisis as a passport. The US diaspora is thus joining their voice to those of traditional rulers, political elite and civil society organisations back home to President Paul Biya to continue leading the country to prosperity.

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