Presidential Election 2018: Paul Biya Extends Sincere Gratitude to Cameroonians for Re-Election


Some few minutes after the proclamation of results of the 2018 presidential election by the constitutional council at the Yaounde congress centre, the president elect Paul Biya twitted to extend his sincere gratitude to Cameroonians for his renewed confidence at the helm of state institutions.

“Dear compatriots from Cameroon and the Diaspora, thank you so much for renewing your confidence. Let’s meet now to meet, TOGETHER, the challenges that challenge us for an even more united, stable and prosperous Cameroon. Dear compatriots in Cameroon and the Diaspora, thank you for your extended and wide confidence. Let us now join in taking up, TOGETHER” This is an excerpt of President Paul Biya’s twit some few minutes after the constitutional council declared him winner for the October 7 presidential election that was held in and out of the country.

Analyse saluted the posture of the president elect in congratulating the electors through this same social media outlet he used to declare his candidacy for the presidential elections which saw the participation of nine candidates including him. At the same time, he congratulates the electors for their unflinching support, other contenders for the presidential race like the president of the UNIVERS party, Professor Nkou Mvondo.

Those in Cameroon and the Diaspora went to the polls with conviction and confidence they have for President Paul Biya, cast their votes for the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, a party and his candidate they can’t afford to miss in the political scene of Cameroon. That is the reason why, the president elect scored a landslide victory of 71.28% closely followed by Maurice Kamto and the third position occupied by the young and vibrant Cabral Libii of the UNIVERS party.

The presidential election 2018 has come and go with food for thoughts as Cameroonians witnessed an instructive debate which was balance in front of the constitutional council headed by Atangana Clement. Many political parties that filed their petitions for election misconduct said they didn’t come purposely to win the court hearings but rather to address some of the difficulties the state of Cameroon is facing. A case in point they cited were the Boko Haram incursion in the Far North Region as well as the ongoing socio-political crisis in the North West and South West Regions.

As of now all eyes are turned to the investiture ceremony of the president elect to be held in less than 15 days as prescribed by the Cameroon constitution. Much is expected from the inaugural speech to be delivered by the president of the republic, Paul Biya be it in the domains of politics, economy, social and a whole lot for the good of Cameroonians.

© Cameroon-Report, Emmanuel NGOTA

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